Privacy Policy

Data Protection Compliance from 2018.

This document comprises Central Line’s Data Protection Policy, and Privacy Notice, to comply with the GDPR Act (General Data Protection Regulation) of May 2018. It is drawn up guided by the solicitor’s document “GDPR-for-co-ops” disseminated by Co-operativesUK via the CPMA.


PRIVACY NOTICE to non-members re GDPR compliance

The Central Line agency will sometimes keep its own copy of contact data of professional contacts such as Casting Directors, Theatres, and Production Companies etc, but only those which have been made publically available in such professional publications as “Spotlight” and “Contacts”, or personal mobiles with your express consent for a temporary period of negotiation. The agency will keep a concise log in the Daybook of material contacts (such as organising auditions or the development of a negotiation) with employers, prospective employers, and other professional contacts. This log will not ordinarily be shared with non-members, and will be truthful, formal, and clear.

Applicants to the agency who send us their cvs and application letters will have their data stored by us only in that format until they become members, or have ceased to be prospective members. Any data sent will not be shared outside the agency membership.

You may request any details we hold on you to be destroyed at any time, by informing the agency’s Duty Officer at our usual contact address or number. Any complaints to the ICO will be respected.

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